Mindset & Milestones

A Girl’s Guide To Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

My workbook covers the basics of entrepreneurial strategies and thought processes. After compiling all the of the lessons I’ve learned from personal ventures, mentors, and the phenomenal young women around me, I have something the really resonates with young women!

Mindset and Milestones: A Girl’s Guide To Thinking Like An Entrepreneur  introduces girls to the different steps in the entrepreneurial process, from ideation to business pitches and more! Furthermore, the workbook encourages self-reflection and gives girls the space to learn about themselves in the process of learning how to be better problem solvers. These are skills that serve them well regardless of whether or not they decide to be entrepreneurs.

In this 172 paged book, girls will explore the basic tenets of entrepreneurship. Through these newly redesigned and illustrated pages,  girls will learn:

  • What entrepreneurship is and how they can use it
  • To hone their problem-solving skills
  • To create a plan to bring their ideas to life
  • To develop their style for customer research
  • Strategies to share themselves and their ideas to others
  • The importance of goal setting and incremental steps to achievement
  • To recognize their ability to contribute to the world in a concrete way

I wrote this book specifically for young girls! I want them to recognize their potential as budding entrepreneurs will the ability to create real change. Especially for the high school girls. They are at such a special time to grown into their own. It’s precisely at that time in my life where I figured out that there was more to me than even I thought possible and I want that for girls everywhere.

Coming up with a new idea can be scary.  Proposing new methods and figuring out how to determine whether or not they work is scary. But through this workbook, you will learn that it is okay to not get things on the first try, or the second, or even the 50th as long as you are willing to get up and try again.

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