About Me

Thanks for stopping by my website! So while you’re here, I’ll tell you a bit about me. My name is Diondraya, but Draya for short. I was born and raised in San Diego, California. I have always been someone who loves learning, even as a little girl. Opportunities to grow and experience new things are extremely exciting to me, but it wasn’t always easy to take them on. Facing challenges was only something I enjoyed when it came to things I knew I could succeed at.

Over time, I’ve decided that in order to live this life as the most authentic version of myself, I have to be free. Not perfect, not fearless, just free. Free to try new things, free to make mistakes, free to be me — as I continue to discover who that is. So here are some truths about me! I love to sing, I really enjoy doing makeup, and I can never pass up a good rom-com or a chance to binge on Netflix. But aside from hobbies, my passion is for mentoring and giving back to my community whenever possible, especially to young girls.

Me pitching an idea at an entrepreneurship conference in Texas

My volunteerism, my study choices, my workbook, and just about everything else I do is to fuel that future.

As a student at UCLA, majoring in psychobiology and minoring in entrepreneurship, I have grown tremendously in my ability to represent myself and my ability to communicate with others from all walks of life. And I hope to hone those skills further in pursuing a future that allows me to be a voice for young women and an advocate for adolescents with all ranges of abilities.


Thanks for reading and learning a bit about me!